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Getting it together

I know its early days and maybe there is no one out there actually reading any of this, but just in case, I will show you how its all coming together!



Front and back coming together.

Image Joining the unusual shoulder construction.

Almost there…. although the neck needs some re-thinking as its too low at the back.





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Here is the first sleeve, nicely fitted due to ribbing up to the elbow. This yarn knits up quite fast and I’m getting excited at the prospect of joining body and sleeves and having everything on one needle!

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Last summer I treated myself to some rather special cashmere yarn while on holiday in Norfolk; it is from Origin, Bergere de France and I had not come across it before. On a whim of intrigue and seduction I bought it there and then before reality had a chance to remind me that I really couldn’t afford such luxury!

For several months I just looked at it, not daring to use it for anything unworthy. I dreamed and schemed and eventually planned something rather complicated,  a cardigan full of cables and intricate lace panels. As soon as I’d knitted a sample however, I realised that this yarn does not want to be messed with. It needs understated simplicity in order to shine! …. Now … simplicity is not something I do easily even though I love it when I see it.  Alas. As soon as I get going I sanguinely hop from a leaf to a cable to a pocket to an unusual collar….  and before I know it I have lost something and its all just too much!

So I have been paring down, sacrificing pockets, collar and lace panels in order to arrive at what I hope will be a simple stylish, yet unusual jumper with just a few special details…?

This is one side, half of the front and half of back, the ribbing at the side creates a little shaping… and the seam will be visible at center front and back. Soon I will join both halves and continue knitting in the round.

Cashmere jumper

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