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FINGAL is the name I’ve given the pullover I have finally re-knitted and written the pattern for. Its been a long time in the making, many get-togethers with my son Dan in order to create a garment that is comfortable and manly, that doesn’t have cables (HOW can a son of mine not want cables!), that isn’t too unshapely, not too fussy….  it was hard to discover what we DID want. This is the result and we are both very happy with it!
The first version (see hannaknits1 on Ravelry) was knitted with a wonderful British yarn from Lesley Wickham  ( who breeds different varieties of sheep on her farm in mid Wales.  It was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann’s brilliant construction ideas in ‘Knitting Without Tears’, in the section on knitting sweaters in the round without seams.  The second version is made from Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn, ultra soft and a joy to knit with. I like them both, as does my son.

The pattern will be available on Ravelry within a few days.

Fingal and treesFingal back


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So much for my ‘special project! I’m about to unravel it and use the yarn for …..?  another special project!! :-I’ve tried it several ways and a fitted sweater is just not me these days. I couldn’t bear to frog it straight away, but now that its been lying in the bottom of a knitting bag for several months, I’ve lost my emotional attachment,  – not to the garment, but to all that work in the knitting!  Time to move on and stop being pathetic!

I’m already looking forward to beginning something new! This gorgeous cashmere  yarn becomes softer than ever after washing and I am envisioning something quite baggy and snuggly with long ribbed sleeves…

This did have some nice details... but it didn't quite work out.

This did have some nice details… but it didn’t quite work out.


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Winter Sun

Autumn Sun

A beautiful sunny day recently when Alice could help with the leaf raking! and model the new hat! (I’m still looking for a name for it!)

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Am just trying to get my strength back after a debilitating 18 days of flu, so as its sunny here in Dorset I’ve taken myself on a walk up the footpath nearby. Its beautiful out there and the beginnings of spring are visible at last! The rest of the country apparently have snow… I’m almost jealous, (yes I know its not pleasant when you are stuck in it one way or another… but it does look so so lovely!)

early spring day 3
early spring day 4 early spring day 6early spring day 5

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