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Having just finished knitting these enormous creatures, I put them outside my door last night with a note: ‘Waiting for St Nicholas’

This morning a lovely little bunch of spring flowers had been left inside! How nice that someone knew what I’d meant ūüôā

Since then I have had them tumbling about in the washing machine at 40C to felt, then pulled and pushed them into shape and now they are drying in the late March sunshine, together with several other pairs.  They are based on a clever design Bev Galeskas called Felted Clogs.





IMG_2003 IMG_2005


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I have been spending some time looking at Bulgarian traditional folk knitting. Every year a van comes round the villages collecting the fleeces from those who still keep sheep (this has visibly dwindled since I first went there 6-7 years ago). A few months later the van reappears with spun yarn. Un-dyed yarn costs less than coloured yarn Рthe payment is simply in numbers of fleeces.

Everyone wears some form of slippers indoors, often hand knitted slipper-socks, which are handed to you at the door. Often you are given several pairs as gifts!

These pictures are of more elaborate socks, part of the bridal trousseau – apparently never worn!


As I am once again off to Bulgaria, I hope to work on something inspired by these patterns:








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