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Hi and welcome to my very first blog! My name is Hanna and I'm a mum, a granny (still relatively new to this job), a wife, sister, daughter and a friend to many.... I'm also a knitter, a jewellery designer/maker, a cook... (the list could go on, but I think I'll stop here!) I've always made things and love beautiful objects, clothes and jewellery. I began making jewellery, including my own lampworked beads some years ago (see: www.hannawoods.co.uk), but I always return to my love of knitting which began so long ago I can't even remember how old I was though I do remember knitting on circular needles under my feather duvet in the dark, when I was supposed to be fast asleep! I remember feeling the stitches under my fingers and being delighted that I could knit without looking! (I'm sure there must have been some dropped stitches, but I don't remember them). I adore hand knitted garments and, like most keen knitters I never tire of this wonderful craft. Over the years I have knitted many beautiful garments from patterns that have inspired me and I have learned a lot in the process. My own many attempts at 'making something up without taking proper notes' have become my teachers also and at last I am learning to be more focused and to write it down! And so, although I am still very much on the road of learning, my hope is to offer some of my patterns for sale and see what others make of them... I am inspired by texture and colours and am usually thinking about some knitting project, be it current, waiting to be started or still in the early stages of design. Getting out my stash of yarns and simply playing with shapes, colours and stitches usually starts me off on another exciting journey, even if sometimes (quite often actually) it becomes a bit of a de-tour! My hope in beginning this blog is to bring some order into my knitting life, to improve on my pattern writing skills, to communicate with others over ideas, technical problems and hopefully lots of inspirational creativity!! I hope to make friends with you who read my blogs and, although at this point in time I have no idea where it will go, I can well imagine that all kinds of ups and downs in life will also find their way into these blog-pages! Please feel free to chip in, give feedback and generally join me on this journey!

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